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3rd December - 3rd January 

Lovers in Persian Colours

« Lovers in Persian Colours » reflects my joy of painting in difficult times. 

A sweet escape, a playful and unpresumptuous approach to the tradition of Persian Art. 


This series is an ongoing pursuit of my fascination with Orientalism and Persian Art, highlighting women protagonists in dreamlike settings. 

I love my women as gypsy queens, moving around in their nomad palaces. 

In their world, animals, trees, flowers feel like jewelry whilst the men are soft, poetic, and free.

I explore these themes in different settings. There isn’t a narration as such but moods, scenes, characters that you can contemplate for hours.

It’s an ode to imagination, softness, time, detail, and joy.

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She conquers them all


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Why do you ask me the color of his eyes?

When did the color of his eyes ever capture me?

The fire that sparked from his eyes

Was what ensnared this mad heart.

- Forugh Farrokhzad

The First Kiss


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My paintings are an everlasting refinement of my taste and an attempt to understand what I am attracted to. They are where I experiment, starting from a place that feels like home and moving it out of its comfort zone, combining things together that shouldn’t work and making it cohesive.

In this series, my technical and visual focus was on combining layers, a lot of texture, abstraction and hyper figurativeness, simple flat shapes, and of course gold. 

Maximalism isn’t clutter, tacky or unsophisticated but it requires one to know the references behind it to see it for what it is. I guess that was the point I was making, celebrating my personal emancipation and evolution in my taste, and let’s face it, we all need a little gold. 

The Wedding


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“Lovers find secret places
inside this violent world
where they make transactions
with beauty.”


- Rumi

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