Abstract Original Painting from Series "Music and Flowers"

This is the original unique painting


Dimensions: 100 x 81cm

No frame, sold stretched on canvas like seen on pictures

Acrylic, oil and ink

Made in 2019


The Series "Music and Flowers" is inspired by brutalism, expressionist abstraction and the impressionists. The paintings are entirely painted with my fingers, I use no brushes as I want the primitive, nervous, brutalist feeling on the canvas. The painting illustrates the music that I'm listening to at the time I paint. Music genres are diverse going from classical to jazz to pop to electro to rock etc.

This Series is really about the spontaneous need for colour and to create. 


The paintings are packed very carefully and shipped via Fedex max two days after the purchase and usually arrive another two days later. 

Abstract Original Painting, White with flowers

720,00 €Prix