The Fashion Brand 

no longer creates collections


2015 - 2018

Some pieces are still available, please contact us if you are interested in purchasing some or have a project in mind.






  • We only make unique pieces in-house in Paris with a craftsmanship and often also an artistic approach.

  • We do not care about the rhythm imposed by the industry, seasons, number of collections and pieces or the typical business model. 

  • Nor do we create according to trends, Davina imagines pieces and collections around themes she explores through her entire artistic spectrum (paintings, video making, music and fashion design) themes that are culture based with a wish to tell stories, mix cultures, movements and periods.  She is inspired by a global nostalgia of the 1960s and 1970s fashion, art and music. It's really about style and culture and an alternative way of making clothes.

  • The Fashion brand never uses professional models for any photographs nor do we retouch the bodies or faces of the people we chose to feature. We are very sensitive to the image that fashion gives girls and women about "body goals" and what is considered "beautiful". We do not impose any standard. We create an aesthetic, a world in which we like to imagine "normal" women.

Collection Ice Queen

W.F 17/18


The collection focuses on the story of the Ice Queen, a strong cold-hearted, hunter like woman. The coats are made of vintage tapestries, or for the couture pieces, entirely handmade, the textile being created in-house. Feathers, sequins, faux fur, wool, organza are used to create coats that look like they are out from o fairytale.

There is a dandy feel to the collection with velvets and patterns.

The Story

The Fashion label is made of unique pieces that are treated and created as art pieces. Every collection imagines a world and tells the story of a character.

All pieces are made in-house in Paris. 


Ending of 2015: Paris. The First paintings on silk are transformed into kimonos, creating the first collection called "Amour & Liberté".


2016: The first full collection of clothes arise with a no size policy and no gender. The idea was to create strong pieces of clothes with colorful prints, paint yet comfortable and inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese fashion in the cuts. The Collection is called "Iris" for Iris Apfel.


2017: The Antihero Collection is an explosion of references, a love letter to Motown, Disco, Rock n' Roll, telling the story of a young woman breaking free from what is expected of her. The collection is made of unique pieces with a focus on textile design. Embroideries, weavings,  embellishments, jewelry, Mexican art. It is the beginning of what Davina calls the "boho disco" style, a mix of bohemian and disco.


2018: The Ice Queen Collection is a take on tapestry and textile design with soft colors, weavings and glittery touches.

Collection Antihero

S.S 17/18


The collection embodies feminist and rock n' roll values and is greatly inspired by the 70s with the emergence of Disco and the heart broken yet incredibly strong Divas, the Voguing scene, Funk and its imagery, The Beatles (The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album) and the up coming of Punk.

An overall feeling of powerful rebellion, aesthetically and socially.

The Antihero collection aims to be opulent, feminine, bold and ornamented. 

Collection Amour et Liberté

S.S 16


This was the first collection and the beginning of the fashion label. 

Davina created five kimonos from her silk paintings, each of them telling a story of self discovery. The Kimonos are genderless, unique, handmade pieces.

The values of this collection was "Love as a right and freedom as a duty". 

Aesthetically inspiration was drawn by Iris Apfel and Byzance. 

The full collection had kimonos as the main pieces but also other unique hand painted pieces such as jackets, dresses, pants and other limited edition pieces.