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About Self-Pity Party

This series is inspired by the lasting feeling of loneliness while in love.  I’m exploring a pattern composed of five stages I go through in order to fall in love yet still feel lonely in those scenarios.
These stages tell a part of the story and this narration is explored further in five songs I made for each stage/ painting. To celebrate the indulgence in self-pity I called the Project «Self-Pity Party».

The different stages are as follows: It starts with «The Idea Of Love», the imaginary creation of a personality and the idealization of a love interest, soon followed by «Desire». Then comes the idea of a «Savior», the idea that half of ourselves is incomplete unless we find a person made for us.
With the realities of being in a couple comes «Bored with love» and finally, the inevitable ending with the song and painting «Cry Baby».

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Original Paintings


Davina Shefet is a visual artist, known for her former fashion brand, paintings, and videography. 

After completing an internship in 2014 at Christian Lacroix in the graphic design and print department, Davina Shefet went on to become one of the finalists in the « Meilleurs Dessinateurs » (Best Drawers) contest held by the French newspaper Libération in 2014. Her work has since been featured in campaigns such as Patrón Tequila’s “Arts for Patrón” event in 2015 in Paris, and the 2017 inauguration of the Sir Nikolaï Hotel in Hamburg, which spotlighted her video project «Amour et Liberté» (2015). She was a finalist at the «Entrepreneurs des Métiers d’Art» contest organized by the Institut des Métiers d’Arts and Ernest and Young for the fashion brand project. She was featured in Bo Bedre in November 2018, Elle Denmark in February 2019, in Saatchi Art Collection « Meet the New Figurative Painters » in May 2018 and in House & Garden Uk in November 2019. She interned at the Art Department on latest Lars Von Trier Movie in 2017.

Davina Shefet is having her solo exhibition «Opium Dreams» from the 18th of November 2019 til the 18th of January 2020 at Leslie Curran Gallery in Florida.